How many zeros in one trillion?

Posted by Acopian on July 18, 2012

How many zeros in one trillion?

Would you believe that Acopian has more than one trillion different power supply models that can be custom made to suit your specific needs? That's right, more than one trillion options—enough to keep you busy for quite a while.

It's simple to find an Acopian power supply that works for you. Visit our custom power supply builder online and search by voltage, model number, or even photo. If you can't find the combination you need online, contact our engineers at 610-258-5441(8 am-5pm EST Monday-Friday) or shoot them an email at engr@acopian.com with your specs—we'll get you squared away.

With more than one trillion power supply options available from Acopian, you're project will never have to suffer again.

Oh, and there's twelve zeros in one trillion.

Order from Acopian today.

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