Powering Denver's City Park Electric Fountain!

Posted by Alex Karapetian on September 07, 2011

Acopian Power Supplies now power Denver Colorado's restored prismatic fountain in historic City Park. The fountain has a spectacular night-time lighting system that lights up the water with many different colors. Acopian provided customized versions of thier Low Profile Switching Power Supplies. These supplies come standard with Power Factor Correction and Universal Input and are available as AC-DC or DC-DC configurations. They ship within 6 days of order and all models UL recognized as well as CE certified. UL508 listed units are also available. The supplies come with a five year warranty.
Details of the Denver configuration:

  • Wall mountable
  • Includes 8 Model W24LT3000 power supplies (24 Vdc at 30A)
  • Inputs configured to operate on 208 Vac 3 phase system input by using two diode networks and operating four of the power supplies on the output of each network
  • Mounted on DIN rails and have in-line output connectors so they may be easily and quickly changed
  • Equipped with 6 input fuses and 6 ‘Input Present’ indicators
  • Include a digital voltmeter, ammeter and meter output selector switch
  • 8 LED ‘Output Present’ indicators

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