Get with the program

Posted by Acopian on November 17, 2011

Get with the program

Acopian’s Series Y programmable power supplies have output ranges from 0-6 to 0-100 Vdc, rated to 270 watts.

Linear regulation limits output ripple to <0.25 mVrms, and line/load regulation in constant-voltage mode is ±0.005% or 2 mV, so these supplies are ideal for use in test equipment, analog systems and R&D.

They can be voltage programmed with an external potentiometer or switched resistance, or with a 0 to +10 Vdc control voltage. Input ranges are 105-125 or 210-250 Vac, 50-400 Hz. All models are UL recognized.

Operating temperature range is -20 to +71°C. Storage temperature range is -55 to +85°C. Output is floating; either positive or negative terminal may be grounded or floated up to 300 volts above ground. The temperature coefficient is typically 0.02%/°C.

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