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Acopian Power Supply Model B24G210

  Product Price Qty
Acopian Power Supply Model B24G210 Power Supply Model: B24G210 $210.00

Download AutoCAD drawing
    Option (suffix "-230") $25.00  
    230 Volt Input
All models can be alternately furnished for operation on inputs of 210 to 250 VAC, 50-400 Hz. (2 days additional shipping time)
    Option (suffix "M") $5.00  
    Terminal Strip Cover
Clips on.
    Option (suffix "L") $35.00  
    Under/Overvoltage Alarm Contacts
To control a horn or light, or to signal your PLC. Available on models with nominal outputs of 5 Vdc to 125 Vdc. SPDT contacts switch if the power supply's output deviates by 1.0 volt or more: 5 volt models. 2.0 volts or more: 6 to 48 volt models. 3.0 volts or more: 50 to 125 volt models. (Models with this option are not yet UL Recognized/CE certified)
    Option (suffix "F") $25.00  
    Moisture/Fungus Proofing
Moisture and fungus resistant varnish applied to interior surfaces. (2 days additional shipping time)
    Option (prefix "R") $0.00  
    Remote Voltage Adjustment/Sensing
Provision for sensing the output voltage across the load, so that drops in the load lines are compensated. This option also permits the use of an externally located potentiometer to adjust output voltage.
    Option (prefix "V") $25.00  
    Overvoltage Protection
Internal preset overvoltage protector.
  Mounting Kit for Wall Mounting $10.00
  GB8 (View drawing of Mounting Kit for Wall Mounting) To mount from the power supply side of the mounting surface, necessary when the other side of the mounting surface is inaccessible. This kit consist of four aluminum brackets and four machine screws for fastening them to the power supply, effectively adding mounting flanges to the power supply.    
  Mounting Kit for DIN Rail Mounting (Horizontal mounting) $15.00
  GH35DIN (View drawing of Mounting Kit for DIN Rail Mounting (Horizontal mounting)) Horizontal mounting    
  Mounting Kit for DIN Rail Mounting (Rear mounting) $15.00
  GR35DIN (View drawing of Mounting Kit for DIN Rail Mounting (Rear mounting)) Rear mounting    
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