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Under/Overvoltage Monitors

These modules can be used with any manufacturer's power supply between
5 Vdc and 125 Vdc.


Contacts to control an external horn or light, or to signal your PLC are now available on independent accessories for any power supply. These modules can be used on power supplies with DC voltages from 5 to 125 Vdc. SPDT relay contacts switch if the power supply’s output deviates by:
1.0 volt or more (for 5 volt outputs)
2.0 volts or more (for 6 to 48 volt outputs)
3.0 volts or more (for 49 to 125 volt outputs)

Relay contact ratings: 120 VAC, 8A / 60 Vdc, 1A. (To comply with SELV requirements, limit switched voltage to 60Vdc/42 VAC.)

  Power Supply Output | UOV Monitor Operating Current
   5 Vdc to  11Vdc    |  (typ) 80ma                     
  12 Vdc to  23Vdc    |  (typ) 40ma                     
  24 Vdc to  47Vdc    |  (typ) 25ma                      
  48 Vdc to 125Vdc    |  (typ) 15ma                     

Ambient Operating Temperature: -20 to +71°C.
Storage Temperature: –40 to +85°C.

Enclosed UOV Monitor......$65.00

Front panel LED lights when voltage is within range.
Order model number AMC?? replacing the ?? with the DC voltage to be monitored.


"Board with leads" UOV Monitor......$35.00

Order model number AMB?? replacing the ?? with the DC voltage to be monitored.
Mounting: An electrically isolated bracket with a .125” diameter mounting hole has been incorporated into the ‘Board with leads’ UOV Monitor to enable mounting in any orientation

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