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At Acopian, we value the environment as much as we do quality engineering. So, it seemed fitting that we chose the beaver, known as nature's greatest engineer, to help deliver our message. With its ability to revitalize an entire ecosystem simply through intuitive dam building, the beaver is symbolic of the power of great engineering - engineering that goes in to every Acopian power supply. We're a family of engineers who, since 1957, have designed and built power supplies trusted by industries such as aerospace, telecommunication, medical, defense, and energy, to name just a few - providing the reliable foundation critical for any great mission's success.

Let's Get Technical.

Here are some of the amazing things we've dammed up over the years about beavers. Check out the drawing to get a closer look at the details.

Ask The Beaver

Have a question about a power supply or application, or about the ecology of beavers? The Acopian beaver is here to help.

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Beaver Humor!

Because he couldn't resister
With the current

Marvels of Engineering

Just like the beaver's amazing dam - Acopian power supplies are marvels of engineering - helping to ensure smooth and reliable operation in many different applications all over the world. Click/Tap through some examples:

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