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Power Supplies for

Military and Defense Applications

Meeting Unusual Specifications? Yes, We Do That - All Made in the USA.

The customer approached Acopian with several unique requirements for a rack mount custom power system that would be used for testing on an undisclosed project. The specifications were very detailed and clearly laid out, including a few that were quite unusual. Acopian was able to meet all of these requirements, providing a high-quality custom power system that exceeded the customer’s expectations. The finished systems were all shipped with 9 days of recieving the order.

Build Your Acopian Power System
System Specs
  • Rack Mount
  • 28v 3A, 0-13VAC 4A, 26VAC Outputs
  • 3-Phase AC Input
  • Mil-spec Circular Output Connectors
  • Variac Variable Transformer
  • LED Output Present Indicators

Meeting Specifications with Military Precision

The customer came to Acopian with very strict requirements and detailed specifications for a rack mounting power system to be manufactured in the U.S. It was absolutely necessary that all parts met or exceeded specifications called out by strictly enforced regulations. It was also required that the unit be failsafe and therefore needed output redundancy for each voltage. Other requirements included mil-spec output connectors, thumb-screw mounting for quick replacement of internal power supplies in the event of malfunction or failure in the field, independent control of DC outputs, and web interface for remote monitoring and control of all aspects of the power system. After receiving and testing the first power system shipped, the customer was more than happy to order several more units to be installed in the field.

Build Your Acopian Power System
System Specs
  • Rack Mount
  • Universal Input
  • 5V 8A Redundant Pair, 24V 45A Redundant N+1, and 24V 2A DC Outputs
  • Independently Switched Outputs
  • Ethernet Interface
  • DAQs for Remote Monitoring
  • Milspec Circular Output Connectors
  • LED ‘Output Present’ Indicators
  • Thumb Screw Mounted Internal Power Supplies
  • Form C Alarm Contacts

Power Supplies for

Industrial Control

Acopian Engineers Match the Features of Legacy Systems to Keep Alarm Systems Powered

A potential customer approached Acopian because they needed to replace a power system manufactured by a company that had gone out of business. The dc-dc power supplies were used to power alarm systems at multiple facilities and the customer needed an exact replacement with regards to output ratings, number of connections, physical form, and mounting provisions. They’d been sending the power supplies to a third party repair shop, but this approach had become impractical. They needed help. Unfortunately, their request seemed to be lacking information so our engineers requested photos of the existing power supplies in addition to the literature that originally accompanied them. This approach enabled Acopian to refine the specifications prior to production, saving them time, money, and stress.

Build Your Acopian Power System
System Specs
  • Wall Mount
  • 125 Volts - DC Input
  • 5.6V 4A, 12V 15A, 125V .5A DC Outputs
  • Six Sets of Output Terminals

Power Supplies for

Medical Devices

Developing X-ray Imagery

A leading manufacturer in the medical device field came to Acopian with very specific requirements for a rack mount power system. The customer was in need of power supplies that would be used in a dark room environment for development of X-Ray imagery. The equipment that generate and manage X-Ray data require reliable, consistent and clean power. This meant that in addition to standard power system requirements like multiple outputs and failure alarms, all LED indicators and digital meter lighting had to be capable of being switched off while the power system was still in use. And the power supplies had to provide consistently clean and reliable power within a tight tolerance of output current. Acopian met these requirements using linear power supply modules in the systems and providing toggle switches on the front panel for individual control of LED indicators and digital meter backlighting.

Build Your Acopian Power System
System Specs
  • Two Rack Mount Power Systems
  • 2.7V 21A, 5.3V 19A, 12V 3.2A DC Outputs
  • 5v 4.4A, -6V 4A, 7.5V 11A,
    -11.9V 3.2A, 15.9V 2A, 16V 1.5A, -28.9V 1.1A, 27.7V .3A, 18V .2A DC Outputs
  • Front Panel Voltage Adjust Potentiometers with Brass Shaft Locks
  • Backlit Digital Voltage and Amperage Meters with Rotary Switches
  • Four Sets of Three Output Connectors
  • Front Panel Test Jacks
  • LED Indicators for Output and Remote Sensing Status
  • Unique Serial Numbers for Each Unit

Facilitating Optoacoustic Imaging

A company specializing in optoacoustic imaging required a rack mount power system with many specific physical attributes. In addition to having multiple DC outputs, an IEC AC output, and the ability to pair with another Acopian rack mounting unit, all inputs, outputs, and controls had to be located discreetly on the rear panel, leaving the front panel completely blank. Airflow was required to cool the second Acopian rack mounting power supply as well as the custom system itself, but because of the customer’s existing setup, the cooling fan had to pull air in from the bottom of the unit. The engineers at Acopian came up with a solution that exceeded the customer’s expectations and continues to operate in their facility today.

Build Your Acopian Power System
System Specs
  • Rack Mount
  • 230VAC IEC Input with Lighted Switch
  • 5V .5A, 6V 10A, 6V 25A DC Outputs
  • 230VAC IEC Output to power second Acopian Rack Mounting Power Supply
  • Three 230VAC Cooling Fans

Power Supplies for

Industrial Applications

Acopian Power Supplies Help Keep the Assembly Lines Moving

A potential customer in the automation technology industry was in need of redundant power supplies. After speaking with one of Acopian’s applications engineers regarding their requirements and available power sources, a foolproof solution was agreed upon. Inputs from two separate power sources, one being a battery backup, would ensure uninterrupted production on the automated assembly line. If the main source of power should happen to fail, a fully charged battery would be waiting in the wings so the production line would never even skip a beat while the main power source was being repaired. Acopian engineers designed and built the appropriate components to allow the seamless switchover from line power to battery power when needed.

Build Your Acopian Power System
System Specs
  • Wall Mount
  • Two Sets DC Inputs: 24VDC and 125VDC
  • 24V 30A DC Output
  • Two Voltmeters and Two Ammeters
  • Redundant Power Configuration

Highly Specialized Power Systems for Highly Specialized Glass and Ceramics

A world leader in glass and ceramics was in need of a highly specialized system to power several other components mounted in a large test cabinet. Luckily, they called Acopian. With many unique power requirements to consider, our engineers worked with our customer to design an all-in-one solution which included: circuit breaker protection, remote control of outputs via solid state relays, and multiple AC duplex receptacles, both regulated and unregulated—-just to name a few of the custom power system’s intricate features.

Build Your Acopian Power System
System Specs
  • Rack Mount
  • 6V 2A, (2)12V .75A, 5V .75A, 9V 2A DC Outputs
  • Circular Output Connectors
  • Two IEC AC Inputs
  • Five Input Circuit Breakers
  • Four Sets of AC Duplex Receptacles
  • Remote Control via Four Solid State Relays

Power Supplies for

Telecom and Audio Production Technology

Acopian Custom Power System Builder to the Rescue

A company specializing in HD production equipment solutions needed a rack mount power supply for a custom studio interface kit. The customer thought he would have no choice but to build the unit himself - then he found Acopian. Using the Acopian custom system builder, he was able to conveniently and quickly provide his requirements and had a quote emailed to him that same day. Acopian was able to meet his needs quickly, giving him additional time to focus on the rest of his project.

Build Your Acopian Power System
System Specs
  • Rack Mount
  • Three Sets of 14-18V 6A DC Outputs
  • 4-Pin XLR Output Connectors
  • Three Individually Fused AC Inputs with Indicators

Acopian Custom Power Solution Enables Manufacturer to Test 120 Hard Drives at a Time

A technology manufacturer approached Acopian requiring a custom power system that could simultaneously test 120 hard drives. Acopian’s applications engineers worked closely with the customer to be sure all required specifications would be met. The customer was pleased with the system and continues to order products from Acopian today. Many manufacturers are pleased to learn the Acopian can custom build a multiple output system for them in nine days or less.

Build Your Acopian Power System
System Specs
  • Rack Mount
  • 20 12-pin Output Connectors for 5V 60A, 12V 60A, 12V 60A DC Outputs
  • Two Digital Ammeters with Output Select and Range Select Switches
  • Front Panel Test Jacks
  • Unique Serial Number for Each Unit

Power Supplies for

the Automotive Industry

Testing Data at High Speeds Requires Power to Match

A leading auto manufacturer was in need of a linearly regulated rack mounting power system for use in a high-speed test data acquisition console. The unit required top and bottom covers, could not exceed 3U in height, and had to operate at no more than 55 degrees Celsius. Acopian proposed a custom solution that proved perfect for the application and the customer has since ordered several more units.

Build Your Acopian Power System
System Specs
  • 5V 5A, +/-15V 4.5A, and 24V 5A DC Outputs
  • Digital Volt and Ammeter with Rotary Switch
  • Green Output Present LEDs
  • Red Neon Failure Indicator Lamps
  • Chassis Slides Modified for Special Cabinet
  • Test Data

Getting Your Lab Up and Running Fast

A major university research institute utilized the Custom System Builder page to communicate their exact requirements and obtain a quote for a unit they needed ASAP. The specifications included a customer-painted and silk-screened front panel, 5 AC inputs, voltmeter and ammeter with rotary switch, remote inhibit/enable, circular connectors, output circuit breakers, and LED indicators. A complex, high-current string of output and control connections was also required. Acopian came through with exactly what the customer was looking for and all in time to meet their deadline.

Build Your Acopian Power System
System Specs
  • Five Individually Fused IEC AC Inputs
  • 28V 25A, 28V 22.5A, 28V 73A DC Outputs with Circuit Breakers
  • Mil-spec Circular Connectors
  • Form C Alarm Contacts
  • Output Present LEDs
  • Customer Specified Engraved Rear Panel Markings
  • Customer Painted and Silkscreened Front Panel
  • Analog Voltmeter and Ammeter with Rotary Switch
  • Expedited Manufacture, Testing, Burn In and Shipping

Power Supplies for

Laboratories and Research Facilities

Power to Stand Up to the Harshest Environments

Seeking a redundant power solution designed to handle extremes in temperature, elevation, and vibration, a major university research laboratory turned to Acopian. Knowing this power system would be part of a long-term research project that would take place in an extreme environment, Acopian engineers worked closely with the customer to be sure this highly critical piece of equipment would be absolutely flawless in design, assembly, performance, and reliability. After receiving and testing the custom redundant power system, the research team proceeded to order several more units. These power systems remain fully functional today, well over the 5-year warranty that comes standard with nearly all Acopian products.

Build Your Acopian Power System
System Specs
  • Rack Mount
  • Four Sets Individually Fused +/Com/- 48V 2.5A DC Outputs
  • Cascaded Alarm Contacts with Audible Alarm for Each Output
  • Alarm Disable/Timer Switch
  • Switchable115/230VAC Input
  • Output Present Green LEDs
  • Output FAIL Red LEDs

Power Supplies for

the Aerospace Industry

Helping the Aerospace Industry Take Off at Full Power

An industry-leading aerospace company with a reputation for innovation designed a flight system and all supporting components. When it came time to outsource the production of the custom power supplies that would power the system, Acopian was their first choice. The customer required four separate rack mounting power systems that would work together seamlessly to provide linear regulated DC power to all cockpit components. The units included customer-specified arrangement/location of rear panel output barrier strips to accommodate existing wiring harnesses, custom top and bottom covers with flush-mounted captive hardware, and custom rear panel markings that included customer-assigned part numbers. With many of these systems already in the field and going strong, the customer continues to order additional units to fulfill their growing demand.

Build Your Acopian Power System
System Specs
  • Four Rack Mount Custom Power Systems
  • DC Output Barrier Strip Covers
  • Input Circuit Breakers with Indicators
  • Top and Bottom Covers with Flush Mounting Captive Hardware
  • Custom Rear Panel Markings

Helping Define Your Project’s True Requirements

A customer in the aerospace industry had previously purchased multiple custom power systems to be used in setting up a flight simulator. After receiving the systems that they had specified, they determined it would be necessary to re-think and refine their requirements. They came to Acopian for advice. Together with the customer, an Acopian engineer was able to guide them in defining exactly what they needed. This time around, the power system fit the project as intended and, with the help of Acopian, the customer’s flight simulator was ready for (simulated) take-off!

Build Your Acopian Power System
System Specs
  • 10V 20A, -10V 20A, 15V 18A, -15V 18A for +/Com/- DC Outputs with Circuit Breakers
  • Circular DC Output Connectors
  • Circular AC Input Connectors
  • 0-5VDC Monitoring
  • Customer Specified Front Panel Engraving