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External Overvoltage Protector

These modules can be used with any manufacturer's power supply between 5 Vdc and 150 Vdc.


These Overvoltage Protectors may be used as independent accessories for any power supply to prevent the output voltage from exceeding the trip point of the protector under any condition. When triggered, the protector short circuits the power supply output, causing the LED indicator to turn off. These modules can be used on power supplies with DC voltages of 5 to 150 Vdc. They are often used to protect integrated circuits and other sensitive loads. Typical applications set the OVP trip point .5 Vdc (or +15%, whichever is greater) above application voltage.


  • Reverse Connection Protection
  • Noise Filtering
  • Green LED 'ON' Indicator
  • Small, lightweight

How To Order

Model Trip Point Range Order/Quote ($)
EOVP-510 5 to 10 Vdc Order/Quote $125.00
EOVP-1050 10 to 50 Vdc Order/Quote $135.00
EOVP-50150 50 to 150 Vdc Order/Quote $150.00
Factory-Set Trip Point Custom Contact Us $150.00


Voltage Ratings: 5v to 150v.

Hipot to Case: 1500 VAC.

Isolation to Case: 500 VAC; 707 Vdc.

Cooling: Convection/conducted cooled.

Maximum Continuous Current, Short Term:
35A (< 1 minute @ 40°C, no heat sink).

Maximum Continuous Current, Long Term:
7A (@ 40°C, no heat sink).
35A (@ 25°C, heat sinked).

Maximum Pulsed Current: 100A for < 50ms.

Maximum Case Temperature: Temperatures above 90°C can cause device failure.

Mounting: Threaded mounting holes on two surfaces permit mounting to a chassis, cabinet wall or bracket.

Trip Point Tolerance: ±100 mV (5 to 10 Vdc); ±500 mV (11 to 50 Vdc); ±2v (50 to 150 Vdc).

Temperature Coefficient: ± 0.01%/°C (typical).

Ambient Operating Temperature: -20°C to 40°C (Derate max current 1%/°C to 71°C).

Trip Point Drift, Long Term: ± 0.02% or 10 mV, whichever is greater (typical), over 8 hours.

Trip Recovery Voltage: < 0.1% of trip voltage or 50 mV, whichever is greater.

Response Time: 2ms (typical). Tested with voltage ramp rate of 3 Vdc/ms, typical linear power supply, no load, open sense response.