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…has long lasting power supplies

This is a normal experience in the Acopian Repair Department: one of our customers sent us an old power supply with a note indicating that the supply had been in continuous use for 33 years, but he had recently noticed that the output voltage was low. We found that the capacitors had dried up, replaced them and returned the supply to the customer, who thanked us and said he intends to keep using it. See what other customers say.

We focus on making power supplies that will last a long time. You may find power supplies that cost less than ours, or that are smaller than ours, but you won’t find any that last longer than ours. All too often, low-priced supplies are densely packed, run hot, have short lifetimes and short warranties.

All Acopian metal-cased power products have a 5-year warranty, but you can expect them to last a lot longer.

...answers your phone call with a live salesperson

No automated menus. The person who answers your call will courteously and promptly answer your questions, quote price and delivery, expedite your urgent requirements, and offer you immediate access to our engineers. Call 610-258-5441 or toll free 800-523-9478.

…can expedite shipment for you

If you require a power supply shipment earlier than our standard 3 or 9 Day Promise, we can usually ship sooner. We welcome the opportunity to work with you.

…can customize power supplies for you

If a standard power supply does not meet all of your requirements, speak with one of our engineers. We can often modify the specifications, ratings and configuration of a supply. We can also combine several power supplies into a Multiple Output Power System with the operating features you specify (such as meters and switches) and ship it within 9 Days!

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