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Acopian Technical Company - Introduction

An Introduction to Acopian Technical Company

Acopian 450W and 720W switching power supplies Overview

New 450W and 720W switching power supplies!

Acopian AC-DC Switching 1U Rack & Benchtop Power Supply Overview

Programmable, a la carte options, up to 720 watts!

Watch Us Build & Ship an Acopian Power Supply

Watch how we manufacture a power supply at our facility in Melbourne, FL

Acopian 1U Switching Power Supplies

Series or Parallel Operation

Acopian Power Supplies Overview

We manufacture over 1 million different power supply models

“Power Your Way” with Acopian Custom Power Supplies

What can Acopian do for you?

Putting a Charge in Local Manufacturing

Celebrating Acopian’s 60th Anniversary

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Solid as a Rock...or an Acopian Power Supply

A technician tests and tears down an Acopian High Voltage Rack Mount Power Supply

Gold Box Switching Power Supply

Listen to its low-noise startup sound

Gold Box Switching Power Supply

Testing a 60W Coherent Laser