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Power Supply Testimonials

Innovations in Optics, Inc.

“We have been most impressed and appreciative for the fast response and extraordinary customer service demonstrated by Acopian.

“They have made it possible to ship our systems out to our customers on schedule which would not have been possible without Acopian’s commitment to placing a rush on our order, for which we are most grateful.”

Thomas Brukilacchio, Ph.D., President Innovations in Optics, Inc.

Clinical M R Solutions

“Great power supplies, great employees, great service. The power supplies appeal to my inner engineer, but your support has made me a customer for life.”

Ralph Hashoian, President Clinical M R Solutions

Georgia Tech Research Institute Aerospace, Transportation and Advanced Systems Laboratory

Without question Acopian is reliable. We've tried several different brands of power supplies, but sometimes they would just die for no apparent reason, even though we tried to oversize them as a safety factor. Then, we tried Acopian, and you just can't kill them - they just last forever. And that's what we need, because we build a lot of support equipment for electronic systems in military tracked vehicles that go out into harsh environments, get shook up, get hot, cold, dry, dusty all sorts of environmental challenges. We don't hesitate to put Acopian power supplies into rugged environments because they just last. If Acopian made automobiles, I'd buy one without question.”

David A. Price, Research Technologist (research engineer)

Lockheed Martin Operations and Support

The power supplies we have purchased from Acopian are top quality... The technical assistance people are really cooperative and knowledgeable. You have always provided a sturdy and dependable product. Your catalog is attractive and full of clear concise information. Purchases I’ve made were always received promptly. Thank you and looking forward to doing business in the future.”

Molly Van Gieson, Logistics Specialist

Eta Engineering Consultants, P.S.C.

“I have used Acopian power supplies often in the past and was always very pleased with your products. I just received a new Acopian catalog and was impressed and pleased with your statement attached to the catalog “when you call Acopian…a real person will answer your call.” Thank you very much for this approach. I am also glad to see that some things are still made in the U.S.A.”

Ralph Jackson, P.E., President

Retro Technologies, Inc.

“I just wanted to say a quick thank you for all the help Acopian Technical Company provided us in identifying and arranging the delivery of the necessary power supplies we needed to get our customer running. In today’s world of seemingly lackluster customer support, it was a pleasant surprise to be able to work with individuals who are knowledgeable, conscientious and courteous.

Ken Nordby,

Tech Mecca, Inc.

“I have been specifying and installing Acopian power supplies in professional audio applications since 1979 or 1980. Gold Box Linear "A" supplies are the best I have come across for demanding audio applications such as analog recording and mixing consoles. Their regulation is very tight and they are conservatively built.”

John Klett, President and Owner

Erdman Automation

“Acopian has provided a good product that has helped us be competitive because of the competitive prices and their technology. They reply right away and follow through on orders and emergencies.”

Chad Peterson, Purchasing Manager

Acopian Archives - 1969
Apollo Program Moon Landing Letter

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Acopian Archives - 1995
Hubble Space Telescope Letter

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Princeton Scientific Instruments, Inc.

“Given the nature of our work, we don’t have the luxury
sometimes of waiting weeks for the delivery of a power
supply. This is one of the primary reasons we choose
Acopian power supplies because of your rapid response
in shipping.”

Scott Kelly,
Financial Admin.

Technical Options, Inc.

“In my business, Acopian is referred to as bullet proof. It never fails and lasts forever.”

Steve Andrews,

University of Arizona

“Acopian power supplies are very reliable and your delivery dates can’t be beat.

Dennis Smith, Engineer

Project IceCube (the international high-energy neutrino observatory being built and installed in the ice below South Pole Station)

“At Project IceCube, it’s absolutely critical to have a good power supply. The ice must be as pure and clear as possible. If the power to the ice top sensor system were to fail, we would risk the tank water freezing without being controlled, resulting in bubbles and impurities, and very much reducing the quality of ice and quality of information that we can see with our detectors. We chose Acopian power supplies to power our pumping and degassing systems because of their reputation for reliability. The people at Acopian met all of our highly demanding specifications and, despite very little time until our window to ship to the Pole, they met our schedule. We were 100% satisfied.”

Jim Baccus, Cable System Manager