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Acopian Energizes CU Boulder Innovation in Hyperloop Competition

UC Boulder

Nestled in the heart of Colorado, a dedicated student team at the University of Colorado Boulder isn't just studying engineering - they're actively shaping the future of transportation.

The CU Hyperloop team takes a hands-on approach, designing and building their own small-scale tunnel boring machine (TBM) for the renowned The Boring Company's Not-A-Boring Competition. With past success placing 3rd in the world, they are aiming for the top spot this year.

The students handle nearly every aspect of the TBM's development, from mechanical and electrical design to software, PCB layout, and even welding.

Acopian is a proud sponsor of this innovative endeavor, equipping the team with the critical power solutions they need to realize their ambitious designs. Specifically, the CU Hyperloop team utilizes Model W100MT6 power supply, capable of outputting up to 6A at 100VDC. This lets them reliably power the electric car motor that turns their cutterhead.

"We were drawn to this project because it aligns perfectly with Acopian's values," said Alex Karapetian, Acopian President. "The CU Hyperloop team embodies a problem-solving spirit and drive for excellence that we admire."

This year's Not-A-Boring Competition takes place in Bastrop, Texas, from 3/24 - 3/31. We wish the CU Hyperloop team the best of luck as they shape the transportation technologies of tomorrow.