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Look at the “Accepted” label, usually on the rear of the power supply. The first two digits in RED are the MONTH, and the last two digits are the YEAR.

The label shown is 0984 (September 1984).

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WARRANTY: Acopian power supplies are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of five years (encapsulated devices and fans, for one year) from date of original shipment. Acopian’s obligation under this warranty is limited to repairing any power supply returned to the factory Service Department in Easton, PA and replacing any defective parts. Mini Encapsulated power supplies are not repairable. Authorization must be obtained from Acopian before a power supply may be returned for repair. Units must be well packed when shipping to Acopian; the repair of any damage incurred during shipment will be charged. Transportation charges are to be paid by the purchaser. A reinspection and handling charge will be applied to returned units found to have no defects. If a failure has been caused by misuse, operation in excess of specifications, or modification by the customer, repairs will be billed at cost; in such cases, a cost estimate will be submitted before work is started.

RETURNED GOODS: Acopian products are built on a per-order basis, and ordinarily no credit can be extended for their return. No goods will be accepted for return unless authorized in writing by Acopian.

APPLICATIONS ASSISTANCE: Questions regarding the specifications, features, and use of any Acopian product should be directed to the Applications Engineering Department. A staff of power supply specialists will be pleased to assist you. Please call 1-800-523-9478 (8am-5pm EST M-F)

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