Acopian Power Supply Repair

RMA Request

(RMA: Return Material Authorization

We will contact you promptly with an RMA # and shipping instructions.
Year Manufactured Information

Look at the "Accepted" label, usually on the rear of the power supply. The first two digits in RED are the MONTH, and the last two digits are the YEAR.
The label shown is 0984 (September 1984).

Warranty Information

To see the complete Warranty Information - Terms and Conditions, click here.

Application Assistance:

Questions regarding the specifications, features, and use of any Acopian product should be directed to the Applications Engineering Department. A staff of power supply specialists will be pleased to assist you. Please call 1-800-523-9478 (8am-5pm EST M-F)

Return Goods:

Acopian products are built on a per-order basis, and ordinarily no credit can be extended for their return. No goods will be accepted for return unless authorized in writing by Acopian.