On the Shoulders of Giants

Posted by Alex Karapetian on January 18, 2010

Acopian manufactures a wide range of linear, unregulated, programmable, high voltage, redundant and custom power supplies, but that wasn’t always the case. In 1957, Acopian Technical Company would have sold you a solar powered radio.

As we launch our new blog to discuss “all things power supply,” we feel compelled to give a nod to the early innovations that helped define the company we’ve become. The solar powered radio applied applied modern science and engineering accomplishments to develop a unique product that was ahead of its time. Here’s a snippet from the original product instruction sheet: 

"The day will soon arrive when a great variety of your household appliances will be efficiently and economically powered by that eternal source of energy… the sun. Meanwhile, you can be proud to be among the first to enjoy the benefits of solar energy while in its very infancy."

Solar power has yet to live up to its potential in the decades since Sarkis Acopian and Thomas A. Workman developed, manufactured, and sold the first ever solar powered radio. The Acopian Technical Company, however, continues to engineer innovative products on the shoulders of giants.

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P.S. If you still have a working solar powered radio from Acopian Technical Company, let us know the comments!

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