Choose Acopian, for good measure

Posted by Acopian on March 12, 2013

Choose Acopian, for good measure

Gurley Precision Instruments (GPI) has been a major designer and manufacturer of precise measuring instruments since 1845, and a leading supplier of optical encoders since the early 1950’s.

GPI was one of the first companies to develop the chrome-on-glass process necessary to manufacture optical encoder discs, and has since been a significant provider of optical encoders, optographic products, and related devices.

Acopian is proud to provide switching power supplies to Gurley Precision Instruments.

With more than a trillion custom power supply models, we have solutions for just about any project you're working on. Don't waste your valuable time or money on inferior power supplies.

Made in the USA, Acopian power supplies are built to last.


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