Acopian Matters to Harvard University's Department of Physics

Posted by Acopian on April 16, 2012

Studying the science of matter, energy, space, and time requires a brilliant mind and the desire to understand the deep currents of how these forces relate with one another. Acopian is proud to provide various power supplies to Harvard University's Department of Physics.

Understanding the subtle, profound, and fundamental laws—relativity, quantum mechanics, and the basic force laws—that govern the behavior of all matter is imperative, not only in thought, but in application.

The same care, consistency, and quality goes into every Acopian power supply. So whether it's a power supply for a ground-breaking application in studying the mysteries of life at Harvard University or a simple project in your basement, Acopian has what you need.

Made in the USA, Acopian power supplies are built to last.

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