Georgia Tech Research Institute Aerospace, Transportation and Advanced Systems Laboratory (ATAS) chooses Acopian Power Supplies.

Posted by Acopian on May 01, 2012

Georgia Tech Research Institute Choose Acopian

Creating innovative solutions for the U.S. Government, ATAS specializes in aerodynamics, weapons systems, unmanned systems, and human behavior modeling. Because Acopian Power Supplies are built to last, harsh environments are no match for their rugged construction.

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“Without question Acopian is reliable. We've tried several different brands of power supplies, but sometimes they would just die for no apparent reason, even though we tried to oversize them as a safety factor. Then, we tried Acopian, and you just can't kill them—they just last forever. And that's what we need, because we build a lot of support equipment for electronic systems in military tracked vehicles that go out into harsh environments, get shook up, get hot, cold, dry, dusty all sorts of environmental challenges. We don't hesitate to put Acopian power supplies into rugged environments because they just last. If Acopian made automobiles, I'd buy one without question.”

David A. Price, Research Technologist (research engineer)

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