‘Gold Box’
Circuit Enclosure Boxes

Versatile enclosures for housing prototypes, adapters, testers, etc.

  • Shipped Within 3 Days


Moderate-dissipation components may be directly mounted to the case for heat sinking. Connectors, switches, controls and indicators are easily installed on the front and rear covers.
Sides: Grooved; attractive and rugged extruded aluminum sides (.08" thick) can withstand severe abuse.
Top and Bottom Covers: Perforated aluminum (0.032" thick); ideal for ventilation.
Front and Rear Covers: Aluminum (0.032" thick).
Color: Flat gold. Sides are flat black.
Mounting: Threaded mounting holes are provided to permit mounting the boxes to an equipment frame or bracket. Accessory Mounting Kits are available for wall mounting or DIN Rail mounting.


Heat sink: A heat sink can be ordered for the left side to replace the grooved aluminum side. High-dissipation semiconductors may be mounted on the accessory heat sink. To order, add suffix "H" to model number and $2.00 to price (for models EG9H and EG13H, add $4.00).


Mounting Kits: For wall mounting or DIN Rail mounting.


(All dimensions in inches)

      |      |      |  Approx.     | Price
Model |  L   |  M   |  Weight      |  ($)
 EG3    3.71   1.62      11 oz.       25
 EG5    5.09   3.0       14 oz.       28
 EG6    6.59   4.0     1 lb. 2 oz.    29
 EG9    9.25   6.0     1 lb. 7 oz.    33
 EG13  13.25  10.0     2 lb. 1 oz.    38