Rack Mounting (9-Day Power Supply)
Linear Regulated Power Supplies

AC-DC dual tracking outputs
(±12v and ±15v)


Input Voltage: 105-125 VAC, 50-400 Hz, single phase.

Remote Voltage Sensing: Provision for sensing the output voltage across the load is a standard feature.

Polarity: Positive output, common, negative output.

Temperature Coefficient: 0.02%/°C (Typical).

Ambient Operating Temperature: -10 to +55°C.

Storage Temperature: -55 to +85°C.

Overload/Short Circuit Protection: Foldback current limiting with automatic recovery.

Size and Weight:

Case   | Rough                        |  Approx. 
Size   | Dimensions (inches)          |  weight 
3P11     3.5 x 19" panel, 11.0" deep      22 lb.
5P12     5.3 x 19" panel, 12.1" deep      28 lb.

Front Panel Finish: Light gray baked enamel.

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