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Plug-In (3-Day Power Supply)
Linear Regulated Power Supplies

AC-DC dual isolated outputs


Solder Terminals: All models can be furnished with solder terminals instead of the 11-pin plug. To order, add suffix "L" to model number and $50.00 to price. Example: Model 6J20D-12J40D becomes Model 6J20D-12J40DL. To determine dimensions of case with terminals, add suffix "L" to case size code indicated. Example: TDJ becomes TDJL. Drawing

Remote Output Adjustment: All models have local voltage adjustments. When provision for remote (external) adjustments is also desired, add prefix "E" to model number. Example: E6J20D-12J40D. No increase in price.

Remote Sensing: Provision for remote sensing of the output voltages, to compensate for drops in the load lines, can be furnished at an additional charge of $20.00 per unit. Add prefix "R" to model number when ordering. "R" power supplies have local voltage adjustments and provision for remote (external) output adjustments.

Overvoltage Protection: Two separate, preset overvoltage protection circuits, one for each output. To order, add prefix "V" to model number and add $30.00 to the standard price for outputs up to 70 volts; add $50.00 if either or both outputs are greater than 70 volts.

230 Volt Input: All models can be alternately furnished for operation on inputs of 210 to 250 VAC, 50 to 400 Hz. To order, add suffix "-230" to model number and $25.00 to price. The "-230" option requires two additional days.

Moisture/Fungus Proofing: Can be furnished with a moisture and fungus resistant varnish applied to interior surfaces. To order, add suffix "F" to model number and $50.00 to price. The "moisture/fungus proofing" option requires two additional days.