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Keep Machines Up When Power Goes Down with Redundant Power Systems

Ensuring consistent power in mission-critical operations is vital. Acopian's redundant power supplies are crafted to provide uninterrupted DC power, even amidst unforeseen failures. These supplies have features like isolation diodes, alarms, and remote voltage sensing. Common redundancy configurations include the primary/backup setup, where two power supplies are linked via isolation diodes, and the (n+1) redundancy, where multiple units share the load with an extra unit for backup. Additionally, backup solutions like Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS) offer temporary support during utility power outages, ensuring systems stay functional or facilitating a systematic shutdown.

With over 60 years in the industry, Acopian is a reliable name in power supplies, offering a diverse range from AC-DC to DC-DC converters and redundant systems. Our products, known for reliability, cater to an extensive voltage range. Acopian's dedication to quality and swift delivery, with most models dispatched within three days, sets us apart.

Keen on ensuring consistent power for your operations? Delve into the detailed white paper to grasp the nuances of redundant power systems and learn how Acopian can be your go-to for power solutions.

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