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Learn How to Select the Best Power Supply for Your Application

Power supplies are essential for the efficient operation of electronic devices, especially in industries like defense, where they must adhere to strict Military Specifications (MIL-SPEC) for resilience in extreme conditions. Standards like MIL-STD-704 define power interfaces for military aircraft, encompassing voltage, frequency, and noise considerations. To prevent power loss that could result in severe consequences, redundant power systems, such as Acopian's Redundant Power Packages, are utilized. These packages contain two power supplies and a diode-switching mechanism to detect and isolate faults, ensuring consistent power delivery.

Established in 1957, Acopian Power Supplies provides a vast array of AC-to-DC & DC-to-DC power supplies, including linear, unregulated, and switching models. We also offer Redundant Power Packages and multi-output power systems. Acopian distinguishes itself by shipping most models within three days and providing solutions suitable for mounting setups like rack, wall, or DIN rail. Our products support a broad voltage spectrum, ranging from 0V to 30 kV and up to 1200W.

Curious about redundant power supply nuances and Acopian's innovations? Explore the detailed white paper for a thorough guide.

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