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AC-DC Mini Encapsulated Linear Power Supplies

Easton, PA ...Acopian Power Supplies’ encapsulated modules have series regulated outputs ranging from 1V to 75V and as high as 2.5A. Their footprint is only 3.5 x 2.5 inches. Output power range is 0.5W to 14W. These modules have a thermal barrier running through the power supply, isolating the hot running components from the more sensitive components. All models are UL recognized.

Modules have a universal input range of 105-125 VAC, 47 to 420 Hz, single phase. Line and load regulation are, respectively ± 0.2% to ± .05% and ± .05% to ± .25%. Input-to-output isolation is 3000VAC. Output ripple/noise is1mV. All models may be used in series and are short circuit (continuous) protected.

Operating temperature range is -20 to +71�C. without derating. Storage temperature range is -55 to +85�C. Connecting an external resistor to the T/C terminal allows the user to trim the output precisely to the nominal voltage. The temperature coefficient for 9V to 75V output ranges is typically 0.015%/�C. For 1V to 8V, the temperature coefficient is 0.03%/�C. Output impedance is 0.07 ohms at 1 kHz and 0.2 ohms at 10 kHz (approx.)

Linear operation minimizes output noise so these modules are ideal for use in test equipment, analog systems, controls, aviation and R&D.

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