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Redundant Power Supply Packages

using Linear Regulated Power Supplies

AC-DC single output

Rack Mounting & Wall Mounting


Input Voltage: 105-125 VAC, 50-400 Hz, single phase.
A separate set of AC input terminals is provided for each power supply, so that if two sources of AC input power are available, one may be used for each supply and so reduce the possibility of output dropout due to loss of input power.

Output Voltage:
Normal mode: Nominal voltage shown in table.
Backup mode: 0.2 volt less than nominal voltage shown in table.

Load Regulation: ±0.05% (Dynamic regulation - does not include 0.2 volt shift which occurs during switching to lower-set backup supply.)

Line Regulation: ±0.05%

Ripple: 1 mV rms.

Remote Voltage Sensing: Provision for sensing the output voltage across the load, so that drops in the load line are compensated, is a standard feature.

Load Protection: Overvoltage protection.

Overload/Short Circuit Protection: Foldback current limiting with automatic recovery.

Polarity: Output is floating; either positive or negative output terminal may be grounded or floated up to 300 volts above ground.

Voltage Monitor Circuits: One for each power supply. Relay contacts switch when output voltage decreases approximately 2 volts from the nominal rating (approximately 3 volts for outputs over 48 volts), and may be used to control an external failure alarm.

Alarm Relay Contact Ratings: 120 VAC, 8A / 60 Vdc, 1A. (To comply with SELV requirements, limit switched voltage to 60 Vdc / 42 VAC.)

Output Metering: A separate voltmeter for each output (standard). Ammeters available; see Options.

Temperature Coefficient: 0.02%/C (Typical)

Ambient Operating Temperature: -20 to +71C.

Storage Temperature: -55 to +85C.

Terminal Strip Cover: Clips on.

Size and Weight:

 Case  |   Mounting   |      Rough Dimensions       |   Approx. 
 Size  |     Type     |          (inches)           |   weight 
3R14    Rack Mounting   3.5 x 19" panel, 14.8" Deep      15 lb.
5R14    Rack Mounting   5.3 x 19" panel, 14.8" Deep      23 lb.
5R18    Rack Mounting   5.3 x 19" panel, 17.8" Deep      29 lb.
7R18    Rack Mounting   7.0 x 19" panel, 18.5" Deep      50 lb.
7R20    Rack Mounting   7.0 x 19" panel, 20.5" Deep      64 lb.
317R18  Wall Mounting   18.5 H x 17 W x 4.3" Deep        18 lb.
517R18  Wall Mounting   18.5 H x 17 W x 6" Deep       22-26 lb.
---------------------------------------------------------------- 517R20 Wall Mounting 20.5 H x 17 W x 6" Deep 34 lb. ---------------------------------------------------------------- 519R20 Wall Mounting 20.5 H x 19 W x 6" Deep 32 lb. ---------------------------------------------------------------- 719R20 Wall Mounting 20.5 H x 19 W x 7.8" Deep 58 lb. ---------------------------------------------------------------- 719R25 Wall Mounting 25.5 H x 19 W x 7.8" Deep 70 lb. ---------------------------------------------------------------- See Drawing for exact dimensions