Mini Encapsulated - PC Board Mounting (6-Day Power Supply)
Switching Regulated Power Supplies

AC-DC single output
(accepts either AC or DC input)

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These versatile power supplies mount in a surface area of only 3.5" x 2.5", and are available in a choice of mounting styles. They have a high efficiency and may be operated through a wide temperature range. A common-mode input filter reduces conducted noise, and the shielded case minimizes radiated energy. Their outputs may be used in either polarity, and may be precisely trimmed.

Accepts DC input (120-180 Vdc).
Accepts AC input (85-130 VAC, 47-420 Hz, single phase).
Compact, lightweight, fully encapsulated.
Short circuit and overload protected.
No heat sinking or forced air required.
Input/output isolation.
Extensive EMI filtering and shielding.