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Acopian Power Supply Model Y05LX7000

Power Supply Model:
  • Y05LX7000 $915.00
      • Input Voltage Range:90-265 VAC or 110-350 VDC
      • Output Voltage Range:0-5
      • Output Current Amps:70
      • Case Size:WL9
    • QTY:
Option (suffix "F")
Moisture and fungus resistant varnish applied to interior surfaces. (2 days additional shipping time)
Option (suffix "H5")
+15Vdc 2% at 100mA.
Option (suffix "L4")
170-240 VAC 3-phase, 60-400 Hz. This option is not available with option "G7".
Option (suffix "E1")
Used for battery charging or redundant applications. Derate output by 10%.
Option (suffix "D2")
Fan runs at reduced speed until maximum speed is required.
Option (suffix "C5")
Output voltage and current of standard models may be programmed from 0 to full rating by means of control voltage inputs of 0 to +10Vdc.
Option (suffix "U")
Option (suffix "E")
To enable the DC output, the Inhibit terminal must be tied to the -DC output. An open collector or contact closure can be used.


Mounting Kit for Wall Mounting
To mount from the power supply side of the mounting surface, necessary when the other side of the mounting surface is inaccessible, use accessory Mounting Kit NP6. This kit consists of four aluminum brackets and four machine screws for fastening them to the power supply, effectively adding mounting flanges to the power supply.
Mounting Kit for DIN Rail Mounting (Vertical mounting)
Threaded mounting holes permit mounting the power supplies to a chassis, cabinet wall or bracket, or they may be used on a test bench or table top.
Mounting Kit for DIN Rail Mounting (Horizontal mounting)
Threaded mounting holes permit mounting the power supplies to a chassis, cabinet wall or bracket, or they may be used on a test bench or table top.
If you have a question or problem, or would like to order by phone, please call 1-800-523-9478 (8am-5pm EST M-F)

Model numbers for this power supply with options: Y05LX7000C5D2E1H5, Y05LX7000C5D2EE1H5L4, Y05LX7000C5D2E1H5L4, Y05LX7000C5D2EE1H5L4U, Y05LX7000C5D2E1H5L4U, Y05LX7000C5D2EE1H5U, Y05LX7000C5D2E1H5U, Y05LX7000C5D2EH5, Y05LX7000C5D2EE1H5, Y05LX7000C5D2EH5L4, Y05LX7000C5D2H5L4U, Y05LX7000C5D2EH5L4U, Y05LX7000C5D2H5U, Y05LX7000C5D2EH5U, Y05LX7000C5E1H5, Y05LX7000C5D2H5, Y05LX7000C5D2H5L4, Y05LX7000EE1FH5L4U, Y05LX7000E1FU, Y05LX7000EF, Y05LX7000EE1F, Y05LX7000EFH5, Y05LX7000EE1FH5, Y05LX7000EFH5L4, Y05LX7000EE1FH5L4, Y05LX7000EFH5L4U, Y05LX7000FH5, Y05LX7000EFL4, Y05LX7000FH5L4, Y05LX7000EFL4U, Y05LX7000FH5L4U, Y05LX7000EFU, Y05LX7000F, Y05LX7000FL4, Y05LX7000FL4U, Y05LX7000FU, Y05LX7000D2EFU, Y05LX7000C5, Y05LX7000C5D2E, Y05LX7000C5D2E1, Y05LX7000C5D2E1L4, Y05LX7000C5E, Y05LX7000C5D2EE1, Y05LX7000C5D2EE1L4, Y05LX7000C5D2, Y05LX7000D2FU, Y05LX7000E1FH5L4U, Y05LX7000E1F, Y05LX7000E1FH5, Y05LX7000E1FL4, Y05LX7000E1FL4U, Y05LX7000E1FH5L4, Y05LX7000E, Y05LX7000C5EL4, Y05LX7000D2EE1L4, Y05LX7000C5L4, Y05LX7000D2EL4, Y05LX7000D2, Y05LX7000D2L4, Y05LX7000D2E, Y05LX7000E1, Y05LX7000D2E1, Y05LX7000E1L4, Y05LX7000D2E1L4, Y05LX7000D2EE1, Y05LX7000EE1, Y05LX7000EE1L4, Y05LX7000EL4, Y05LX7000L4, Y05LX7000C5D2E1F, Y05LX7000C5D2E1FH5, Y05LX7000C5D2E1FH5L4, Y05LX7000C5D2E1FH5L4U, Y05LX7000C5D2EE1FH5, Y05LX7000C5D2E1FH5U, Y05LX7000C5D2EE1FH5L4, Y05LX7000C5D2E1FL4, Y05LX7000C5D2EE1FH5L4U, Y05LX7000C5D2E1FL4U, Y05LX7000C5D2EE1F, Y05LX7000C5D2EF, Y05LX7000C5E1FH5, Y05LX7000C5D2F, Y05LX7000C5E1FH5L4, Y05LX7000C5D2FL4, Y05LX7000C5E1FH5L4U, Y05LX7000C5D2FL4U, Y05LX7000C5E1FL4, Y05LX7000C5E1F, Y05LX7000C5EE1FH5L4U, Y05LX7000C5E1FL4U, Y05LX7000C5EF, Y05LX7000C5EE1F, Y05LX7000C5EFH5, Y05LX7000C5EE1FH5, Y05LX7000C5EFH5L4, Y05LX7000C5EE1FH5L4, Y05LX7000C5EFH5L4U, Y05LX7000C5FH5L4, Y05LX7000C5EFL4, Y05LX7000C5FH5L4U, Y05LX7000C5EFL4U, Y05LX7000C5FL4, Y05LX7000C5F, Y05LX7000C5FH5, Y05LX7000C5FL4U, Y05LX7000D2E1FH5L4U, Y05LX7000C5FU, Y05LX7000D2EE1F, Y05LX7000D2E1F, Y05LX7000D2EE1FH5, Y05LX7000D2E1FH5, Y05LX7000D2EE1FH5L4, Y05LX7000D2E1FH5L4, Y05LX7000D2EE1FH5L4U, Y05LX7000D2FH5L4U, Y05LX7000D2EF, Y05LX7000D2FL4, Y05LX7000D2F, Y05LX7000D2FL4U, Y05LX7000D2FH5, Y05LX7000D2FH5L4, Y05LX7000FH5U, Y05LX7000C5D2FH5, Y05LX7000C5D2FU, Y05LX7000C5EFU, Y05LX7000C5E1FU, Y05LX7000C5FH5U, Y05LX7000D2EFH5, Y05LX7000D2EFL4, Y05LX7000D2E1FL4, Y05LX7000D2E1FU, Y05LX7000D2FH5U, Y05LX7000EE1FL4, Y05LX7000EE1FU, Y05LX7000EFH5U, Y05LX7000E1FH5U, Y05LX7000C5D2EFH5, Y05LX7000C5D2EFL4, Y05LX7000C5D2EFU, Y05LX7000C5D2E1FU, Y05LX7000C5D2FH5L4, Y05LX7000C5D2FH5U, Y05LX7000C5EE1FL4, Y05LX7000C5EE1FU, Y05LX7000C5EFH5U, Y05LX7000C5E1FH5U, Y05LX7000D2EE1FL4, Y05LX7000D2EE1FU, Y05LX7000D2EFH5L4, Y05LX7000D2EFH5U, Y05LX7000D2EFL4U, Y05LX7000D2E1FH5U, Y05LX7000D2E1FL4U, Y05LX7000EE1FH5U, Y05LX7000EE1FL4U, Y05LX7000C5D2EE1FL4, Y05LX7000C5D2EE1FU, Y05LX7000C5D2EFH5L4, Y05LX7000C5D2EFH5U, Y05LX7000C5D2EFL4U, Y05LX7000C5D2FH5L4U, Y05LX7000C5EE1FH5U, Y05LX7000C5EE1FL4U, Y05LX7000D2EE1FH5U, Y05LX7000D2EE1FL4U, Y05LX7000D2EFH5L4U, Y05LX7000C5D2EE1FH5U, Y05LX7000C5D2EE1FL4U, Y05LX7000C5D2EFH5L4U, Y05LX7000C5D2L4, Y05LX7000C5E1, Y05LX7000C5E1L4, Y05LX7000C5EE1, Y05LX7000C5EE1L4, Y05LX7000C5D2EL4, Y05LX7000C5E1H5L4, Y05LX7000C5EE1H5L4U, Y05LX7000C5E1H5L4U, Y05LX7000C5EE1H5U, Y05LX7000C5E1H5U, Y05LX7000C5EH5, Y05LX7000C5EE1H5, Y05LX7000C5EH5L4, Y05LX7000C5EE1H5L4, Y05LX7000U, Y05LX7000C5U, Y05LX7000C5EU, Y05LX7000D2E1L4U, Y05LX7000D2E1U, Y05LX7000D2EL4U, Y05LX7000C5D2EU, Y05LX7000D2EE1L4U, Y05LX7000C5D2EE1L4U, Y05LX7000EU, Y05LX7000D2EU, Y05LX7000D2EE1U, Y05LX7000C5H5L4U, Y05LX7000C5EH5L4U, Y05LX7000C5H5U, Y05LX7000C5EH5U, Y05LX7000D2E1H5, Y05LX7000C5H5, Y05LX7000D2E1H5L4, Y05LX7000C5H5L4, Y05LX7000D2L4U, Y05LX7000C5D2E1L4U, Y05LX7000C5E1U, Y05LX7000C5D2EL4U, Y05LX7000E1U, Y05LX7000C5D2U, Y05LX7000EE1L4U, Y05LX7000C5D2EE1U, Y05LX7000C5EE1U, Y05LX7000D2U, Y05LX7000C5D2E1U, Y05LX7000E1L4U, Y05LX7000D2E1H5L4U, Y05LX7000D2EE1H5U, Y05LX7000D2E1H5U, Y05LX7000D2EH5, Y05LX7000D2EE1H5, Y05LX7000D2EH5L4, Y05LX7000D2EE1H5L4, Y05LX7000D2EE1H5L4U, Y05LX7000C5E1L4U, Y05LX7000C5EL4U, Y05LX7000C5L4U, Y05LX7000C5D2L4U, Y05LX7000EL4U, Y05LX7000C5EE1L4U, Y05LX7000EE1U, Y05LX7000L4U, Y05LX7000D2EH5L4U, Y05LX7000D2H5U, Y05LX7000D2EH5U, Y05LX7000E1H5, Y05LX7000D2H5, Y05LX7000E1H5L4, Y05LX7000D2H5L4, Y05LX7000E1H5L4U, Y05LX7000D2H5L4U, Y05LX7000E1H5U, Y05LX7000EH5, Y05LX7000EE1H5, Y05LX7000EH5L4, Y05LX7000EE1H5L4, Y05LX7000EH5L4U, Y05LX7000EE1H5L4U, Y05LX7000EE1H5U, Y05LX7000EH5U, Y05LX7000H5, Y05LX7000H5L4, Y05LX7000H5L4U, Y05LX7000H5U