Gold Box (9-Day Power Supply)
Switching Regulated Power Supplies

AC-DC wide adjust output


Voltage: 90-132 VAC, 49-61 Hz, single phase.

Startup Time: 400 mS maximum (250 mS typical).

Undervoltage: An input of less than 90 VAC (180 VAC with "-230" option) will not damage power supply.

Load Regulation: ±0.05% or 5 mV, whichever is greater.

Line Regulation: ±0.05% or 5 mV, whichever is greater.

Remote Voltage Programming: The output voltage of all models may be controlled by means of an external 50,000 ohm potentiometer.

Polarity: Output is floating and may be used in either polarity.

Drift: ±0.1% maximum over 8 hours, after 30 minute warmup.

Temperature Coefficient: ±0.02%/°C (Typical).

Holdup Time: 33 mS minimum (At nominal input voltage, with full load).

Transient Response: 300 uS to return to ±1% of output setting. Maximum of ±3% output excursion following a load step change from 50% to 100%.

Remote Sensing: Compensates up to 0.5 volt drop per output line, within the limits of the output voltage adjustment range.

Overload/Short Circuit Protection: Foldback current limiting with automatic recovery.

Overvoltage Protection: Latches power supply OFF, reset by momentarily removing AC input power. Red indicator lights to indicate latchup.

Output Inhibit: Applying between +2 and +30 Vdc to the inhibit terminal will disable the supply (TTL compatible).

Thermal Protection: Thermostat, self-resetting

Efficiency: See Output specs. (Typical, at nominal input voltage, with full load.)

Ambient Operating Temperature: 0 to +71°C.

Storage Temperature: -40 to +85°C.

Cooling: Forced-air cooled (ball bearing fan); air enters back of power supply and exits from front.

Switching Frequency: 55 kHz (Typical).

Dielectric Withstand Voltage:

Input to output: 1400 Vdc
Input to case: 1400 Vdc
Output to case: 400 Vdc

Terminal Strip Cover: Clips on.

Size and Weight:

Case   | Rough               |  Approx. 
Size   | Dimensions (inches) |  weight 
WM6       3.4 x 6.3 x 7.1      5 lb. 10 oz.
WM9       3.4 x 6.3 x 10.0     7 lb. 15 oz.
WG7       3.4 x 8.9 x 10.3    10 lb. 6 oz.

See Drawing for exact dimensions.

Mounting: Threaded mounting holes permit mounting to a chassis, cabinet wall or bracket, or they may be used on a test bench or tabletop. To mount from the power supply side of the mounting surface, use accessory Mounting Kit GB8 (see Accesssory Mounting Kits). To mount on a DIN rail, see Accesssory Mounting Kits.

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