Chemistry Between Acopian and Dow

Posted by Acopian Power Supplies on May 05, 2014

When Redundant is a Good Thing

Dow Chemical Company is the second largest chemical manufacturer in the world by revenue. From plastics and chemicals to agricultural products, Dow has produced solutions that have changed life as we know it. When it comes to power, they need someone that has their back.

Acopian keeps operations running at Dow by providing them with Wall-Mounted Redundant Power Supplies. Conveniently mounted out of the way on wall surfaces, these Redundant Power Systems provide the assurance that when one power supply fails, another will kick in immediately, allowing uninterrupted production.

Acopian Redundant Power Systems are ideal for applications where the highest reliability is essential and power loss could be disastrous. Our systems can use Linear Regulated or Switching Regulated Power Supplies and be mounted on the wall or on a rack.  Each can be installed simply by connecting the AC input and DC output terminals, because all the wiring of isolation diodes, output monitor circuits, switches and meters has been done for you.

Key benefits of Acopian Redundant Power Systems include:

  • Output redundancy
  • Input redundancy
  • Easy, safe serviceability
  • Monitoring circuitry
  • Overvoltage protection
  • Five year warranty
  • Shipping within 9 days

Learn more about the advantages of Acopian Redundant Power Supplies and order yours online today!

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