Talk to a Live Sales Associate at Acopian! Not a Computer!

Posted by Alex Karapetian on August 31, 2011

At Acopian Technical Company, each call is answered by a knowledgeable Acopian sales associate, located at our Easton, PA facility, from 8am-5pm EST M-F.

Since our founding in 1957, Acopian has been dedicated to providing the best customer experience possible. We encourage our customers to talk to our engineers and our knowledgeable sales staff.

Acopian has a history of innovation and quality. You can read more about our history. Here are some recent additions to our vast product line:

May 2007: New Low Profile 720 watt switchers with power factor correction and programmable with a 0-10v control voltage are introduced.

2009: “Infinity” linear Power Supplies are introduced. These linear power supplies have improved performance. They are smaller, lighter and ‘highly configurable’ with a seemingly infinite number of options.

2011: Digital controllers and interfaces are introduced on our custom systems.

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