Acopian's New Gold Box "Infinity" Power Supplies
Linear Regulated (to 150 watts)

Highly configurable, with a seemingly infinite number of options, the new Acopian "Infinity" power supplies are an engineer's/designer's dream.

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Gold Box "Infinity" Power Supplies

AC-DC (to 150 watts)
Single Output & Wide Adjust Output
Five Year Warranty


  • Four different Overvoltage Protection Options
  • IEC AC Input Connector Options
  • Four different AC Input Voltage Options
  • Power Switch Options
  • Voltage Output Adjust and Current Limit Adjust Options
  • Inhibit or Enable Options
  • Output Programming Options (voltage and/or current)
  • Voltage and Current Monitoring Options
  • AC on/off Control Voltage Option
  • Latching Overcurrent Control Option
  • Over Temperature Protection Option
  • Thermostatically Controlled Fan Option
  • Output Blocking Protection Diode Option
  • Transient Protection for electrically noisy environments Option
  • High Frequency Pulsed Load Filtering Option
  • Series Operation Diode Option
  • High Isolation Output Option
  • AC Inrush Current Limiting Option
  • Table Top Rubber Mounting Feet Option
  • Alarm with Relay Contacts Options
  • Status LEDs on Front Cover Option
  • ‘Voltage Output OK’ Monitor Option
  • Temperature Monitor Option
  • Eight Additional, Low Current, Auxiliary Voltage Options
  • Redundancy (‘OR-ing’ or ‘Blocking Diode’) Option
  • Rear Panel AC Input Fuse Option
  • Final Test Data Option


  • Highly Configurable, with a seemingly Infinite number of Options
  • Any slot voltage from 1.5v to 150v is available
  • Remote Sensing
  • Open Sense protection
  • Isolated output
  • Short circuit and overload protection with enhanced surge capabilities
  • No minimum load required
  • Internal EMI Filtering
  • Pluggable connectors
  • Can be mounted on two surfaces in any orientation