Train your sights on Acopian

Posted by Acopian on April 27, 2012

Train your sights on Acopian

Does your project require precision? Well, for the PATH train and Port Authority of New York City, precision is the name of the game. For nearly 90 years, their mission has remained the same: to keep the region's commuters, travelers and global shippers moving. And now, thanks to Acopian, their service just got better.

The PATH train and Port Authority of New York City now use Acopian's Gold Box linear regulated power supplies. The PATH rail transit system goes from New York City to Jersey City, so it's critical that the power supplies maintaining the integrity of the transportation network are reliable. That's where Acopian power supplies come into play.

If reliability and precision are important components for your power supplies, look no further—Acopian is the right choice for you.

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