High Voltage AC-DC (9-Day Power Supply)
Rack Mounting Regulated Power Supplies

Output ranges: 0-1,000 volts to 0-30,000 volts


Input Voltage: 105-125 VAC, 50-400 Hz, single phase.

Input Current:
30 watt output ratings: 0.6A
60 watt output ratings: 1.2A

Output Polarity: Positive output is standard. For negative output, change first letter of model number from P to N.

Regulation (constant voltage operation):
Load: ±0.05%
Line: ±0.05%

Regulation (constant current operation):
Load: ±0.1% plus 50 uA.
Line: ±0.1%

Ripple: 0.05%, peak-to-peak.

Output Controls: Voltage and current may be controlled by means of two 10-turn front panel adjustments with locking vernier dials. Control linearity is 1% of full rated output. Calibration accuracy is 1% of rated output plus 1% of setting. (Remotely located 1000 ohm potentiometers may alternately be used for output control.)

Output Programming: Output voltage and current may be programmed from 0 to full rating by means of control voltage inputs of 0 to +5.1 Vdc, ±2%.

Metering: Voltmeter and ammeter are standard. Accuracy is 2% of full scale.

Voltage Monitor Terminal: Permits remote monitoring of output voltage, stepped down by ratio shown. Accuracy is 2% of maximum rated output voltage.

Current Monitor Terminal: Permits remote monitoring of output current, at mV/mA ratio shown. Accuracy is 2% of maximum rated output current.

Inhibit Terminal: Grounding inhibits output.

Input Protection: "Soft start" circuit minimizes start-up power stresses.

Output Protection: Current regulation circuit protects power supply from short circuits, overload and arcing.

Response Time: Less than 5 mS for 100 uA load step change.

Stability: 0.05% over eight hours, after 30 minute warmup.

Temperature Coefficient: 200 PPM/°C = 0.02%/°C (Typical).

Ambient Operating Temperature: -10 to +60°C. No derating required.

Storage Temperature: -20 to +85°C.

Humidity: Maximum of 90% relative, non-condensing.

Input, Control and Monitoring: Screw terminals.
Output: High voltage connector (Type varies with model number). An 8' shielded output cable, with mating connector installed, is provided.

Size and Weight:

Case   | Rough                        |           Approx. 
Size   | Dimensions (inches)          |           weight 
HP36      3.5 x 19" panel, 7.6" deep   10 lb. 2 oz. to 13 lb. 13 oz.

See Drawing for exact dimensions.

Front Panel Finish: Light gray baked enamel.