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Acopian's "Infinity" Series of AC-DC Linear Power Supplies Now Available with Extensive Selection of New Options

Application-Specific and Standard Modules Ship within Days to Accelerate Products' Time-to-Market

Easton, PA ... Acopian, a leader in the design, manufacturing and distribution of custom, standard and modified-standard power supplies, significantly expanded the array of options on their "Infinity" Series of AC-DC linear regulated (to 150 watts) power supplies. Offered in single output or wide-adjust output versions, with among the industry's largest selection of options, the modules are applicable for use in the broadest range of applications, including R&D, OEM, ATE, instrumentation, and control systems. The Infinity Series' standard and customized power supplies provide engineers with the utmost in flexibility, while cost effectively shortening development time. Line and load regulation for most modules is 2 mV, and ripple is less than 0.25 mVrms, 0.75 mVp-p with virtually no common mode noise.

The highly configurable power supplies are provided standard with remote sensing, open sense protection, isolated output, short circuit and overload protection with enhanced start-up surge capabilities, no minimum load required, internal EMI filtering, and touch-safe pluggable connectors. Single output units feature output ranges from 1.5V to 150V and output current ratings up to 13.2 A, whereas wide-adjust units' output ranges are 0V to 150V and output current ratings up to 8.8 A. Acopian's modules and systems ship fully assembled, wired and 100% tested within 6 days after receipt of order, depending on complexity of requirements.

The newly available options to Acopian's Infinity Series of AC-DC linear regulated power supplies include front or rear panel touch safe, IEC inlets, an on/off rocker switch, AC "on" indicator and a 115/230V selectable switch enabling products to be used worldwide. Programmable models are available with a choice of 0V-5V or 0V-10V analog programming and monitors. The Series further now offers units with AC inrush limiting, transient protection, thermostatically controlled fan, and temperature monitor. Modules may be customized with front panel control knobs, rubber feet, latching over current and over temperature protection for use as tabletop lab power supplies for powering components or circuits. For critical applications, provisions for redundancy and paralleling for higher current are also possible. The redundancy option enables multiple units to be wired together, and includes a blocking diode, remote sensing of the load and non-latching overvoltage protection.

Additionally optionally provided are an inhibit or enable option, high frequency pulsed load filtering, output programming, voltage and current monitoring, high isolation output, alarm with relay contacts, "voltage output OK" monitor, auxiliary low current output and final test data options.

The robust power supplies in Acopian's Infinity Series are supplied in extruded aluminum cases. Mounting kits are offered to accommodate DIN rail, wall mount, horizontal and vertical mounting applications.

For a comprehensive list of the options and features pertaining to Acopian's Infinity Series of AC-DC linear regulated power supplies, or to order online, visit

While firm prices are quoted according to customers’ specifications, single output module pricing starts at $280.00 each, and wide-adjust unit pricing starts at $365.00 each. Modules in Acopian's Infinity Series of AC-DC linear power supplies are shipped within 6 days after receipt of order, depending on complexity of requirements. Units come with a full 5-year warranty. All Acopian products are made in the USA.