Plug-In (3-Day Power Supply)
Unregulated Power Supplies

AC-DC single output


Input Voltage: 0-125 VAC, 50-400 Hz, single phase.

Load Regulation: The nominal output voltages are based on 115 VAC input with approximately one-half load. For typical no load(N/L) and full load(F/L) values, see the output specs table.

Line Regulation: Output voltage change due to line change directly proportional to input change.

Polarity: Output is floating; either positive or negative terminal may be grounded.

Ambient Operating Temperature: -10 to +65°C. No derating required.

Storage Temperature: -55 to +85°C.

Size and Weight:

Case   | Rough               |  Approx. 
Size   | Dimensions (inches) |  weight 
G          3.3 x 3.4 x 5.1      2 lb. 8 oz.
K          3.3 x 4.2 x 5.4      4 lb. 4 oz.
Q          3.3 x 4.2 x 7.1         7 lb.   

See Drawing for exact dimensions.

Installation: Plugs into standard 8-pin octal socket (see accessory Socket). Four 6-32 mounting holes (on case sizes G and K) or four 10-32 mounting studs (on case size Q) are provided in the base for fastening the module when used in other than the upright position, or if extreme vibration will be encountered.