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Acopian Power Supply Model 40PT5

Product Price Qty
  • Power Supply Model:40PT5
  • Input Voltage Range:105 to 125
  • Nominal Output Voltage:40
  • Output Current Amps:5
  • Case Size:3P11
  Option (suffix "P") $15.00  
  Front Panel Voltage Adjustment
Standard models have a voltage adjustment located at the rear. A voltage control mounted on the front panel is available as an option.
  Option (suffix "H") $30.00  
  Option (suffix "F") $60.00  
  Option (suffix "A") $60.00  
  Option (suffix "-230") $40.00  
  230 Volt Input
All models can be alternately furnished for operation on inputs of 210 to 250 VAC, 50-400 Hz. (2 days additional shipping time)
  Option (suffix "M") $5.00  
  Terminal Strip Cover
Clips on.
  Option (prefix "V") $35.00  
  Overvoltage Protection
Internal preset overvoltage protector.
If you have a question or problem, or would like to order by phone, please call 1-800-523-9478 (8am-5pm EST M-F)

Model numbers for this power supply with options: 40PT5A, 40PT5F, 40PT5AF, 40PT5H, 40PT5AH, 40PT5FH, 40PT5AFH, 40PT5M, 40PT5AM, 40PT5FM, 40PT5AFM, 40PT5HM, 40PT5AHM, 40PT5FHM, 40PT5AFHM, 40PT5P, 40PT5AP, 40PT5FP, 40PT5AFP, 40PT5HP, 40PT5AHP, 40PT5FHP, 40PT5AFHP, 40PT5MP, 40PT5AMP, 40PT5FMP, 40PT5AFMP, 40PT5HMP, 40PT5AHMP, 40PT5FHMP, 40PT5AFHMP, 40PT5-230, 40PT5A-230, 40PT5F-230, 40PT5AF-230, 40PT5H-230, 40PT5AH-230, 40PT5FH-230, 40PT5AFH-230, 40PT5M-230, 40PT5AM-230, 40PT5FM-230, 40PT5AFM-230, 40PT5HM-230, 40PT5AHM-230, 40PT5FHM-230, 40PT5AFHM-230, 40PT5P-230, 40PT5AP-230, 40PT5FP-230, 40PT5AFP-230, 40PT5HP-230, 40PT5AHP-230, 40PT5FHP-230, 40PT5AFHP-230, 40PT5MP-230, 40PT5AMP-230, 40PT5FMP-230, 40PT5AFMP-230, 40PT5HMP-230, 40PT5AHMP-230, 40PT5FHMP-230, 40PT5AFHMP-230, V40PT5, V40PT5A, V40PT5F, V40PT5AF, V40PT5H, V40PT5AH, V40PT5FH, V40PT5AFH, V40PT5M, V40PT5AM, V40PT5FM, V40PT5AFM, V40PT5HM, V40PT5AHM, V40PT5FHM, V40PT5AFHM, V40PT5P, V40PT5AP, V40PT5FP, V40PT5AFP, V40PT5HP, V40PT5AHP, V40PT5FHP, V40PT5AFHP, V40PT5MP, V40PT5AMP, V40PT5FMP, V40PT5AFMP, V40PT5HMP, V40PT5AHMP, V40PT5FHMP, V40PT5AFHMP, V40PT5-230, V40PT5A-230, V40PT5F-230, V40PT5AF-230, V40PT5H-230, V40PT5AH-230, V40PT5FH-230, V40PT5AFH-230, V40PT5M-230, V40PT5AM-230, V40PT5FM-230, V40PT5AFM-230, V40PT5HM-230, V40PT5AHM-230, V40PT5FHM-230, V40PT5AFHM-230, V40PT5P-230, V40PT5AP-230, V40PT5FP-230, V40PT5AFP-230, V40PT5HP-230, V40PT5AHP-230, V40PT5FHP-230, V40PT5AFHP-230, V40PT5MP-230, V40PT5AMP-230, V40PT5FMP-230, V40PT5AFMP-230, V40PT5HMP-230, V40PT5AHMP-230, V40PT5FHMP-230, V40PT5AFHMP-230