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Acopian Power Supply Model W12LT6000

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  • Power Supply Model:W12LT6000
  • Input Voltage Range:85 to 350
  • Nominal Output Voltage:12
  • Output Current Amps:60
  • Case Size:WL9
  Option (suffix "G7") $50.00  
  Alarm with Relay Contacts
Form C alarm contacts (contacts rated at 175v, .5A) that change state when output reaches 10% below or 15% above nominal voltage. This option not available with option "L4". ('V ok' signal is disabled with this option.)
  Option (suffix "F") $50.00  
  Moisture/Fungus Proofing
Moisture and fungus resistant varnish applied to interior surfaces. (2 days additional shipping time)
  Option (suffix "H5") $15.00  
  15Vdc Auxiliary Voltage
+15Vdc 2% at 100mA. This option is not available with options "N" or "P".
  Option (suffix "L4") $115.00  
  208 VAC 3-phase Input Voltage
170-240 VAC 3-phase, 60-400 Hz. This option is not abailable with option "G7".
  Option (suffix "E1") $25.00  
  Output Blocking Protection Diode
Used for battery charging or redundant applications. Derate output by 10%.
  Option (suffix "D2") $40.00  
  Thermostatically Controlled Fan
Fan runs at reduced speed until maximum speed is required.
  Option (suffix "U") $0.00  
  UL 508 Marking
  Option (suffix "P") $30.00  
Allows up to 4 like models to be directly wired in parallel for increased current capability. Current share accuracy is 5% (typical). Power supply output current must be derated by 5%.
  Option (suffix "N") $50.00  
  N+1 Redundancy
Allows up to 4 like models to be wired in N+1 redundancy. An internal isolation OR-ing diode is included in each power supply. Current share accuracy is 5% (typical). Power supply output current must be derated by 10%.
  Option (suffix "E") $0.00  
  Output Enable
To enable the DC output, the Inhibit terminal must be tied to the -DC output. An open collector or contact closure can be used.
Mounting Kit for DIN Rail Mounting (Vertical mounting) $15.00
WL35DIN (View drawing of Mounting Kit for DIN Rail Mounting (Vertical mounting)) Threaded mounting holes permit mounting the power supplies to a chassis, cabinet wall or bracket, or they may be used on a test bench or table top.    
Mounting Kit for DIN Rail Mounting (Horizontal mounting) $15.00
WLH35DIN (View drawing of Mounting Kit for DIN Rail Mounting (Horizontal mounting)) Threaded mounting holes permit mounting the power supplies to a chassis, cabinet wall or bracket, or they may be used on a test bench or table top.    
If you have a question or problem, or would like to order by phone, please call 1-800-523-9478 (8am-5pm EST M-F)

Model numbers for this power supply with options: W12LT6000EG7U, W12LT6000EG7NU, W12LT6000FG7, W12LT6000EG7P, W12LT6000EG7PU, W12LT6000FG7H5, W12LT6000FG7H5U, W12LT6000FG7N, W12LT6000FG7P, W12LT6000FG7PU, W12LT6000FG7U, W12LT6000FG7NU, W12LT6000G7, W12LT6000G7H5, W12LT6000D2E1G7P, W12LT6000EE1FG7H5U, W12LT6000D2EE1FL4P, W12LT6000D2EE1FL4PU, W12LT6000D2EE1FL4U, W12LT6000D2EE1FP, W12LT6000D2EE1FPU, W12LT6000EE1FL4PU, W12LT6000EFH5L4, W12LT6000EE1FL4U, W12LT6000EF, W12LT6000EFH5, W12LT6000D2EFH5L4, W12LT6000D2EE1FU, W12LT6000D2EF, W12LT6000D2EFH5, W12LT6000EFL4, W12LT6000EFL4P, W12LT6000EFL4N, W12LT6000EFL4PU, W12LT6000D2EFL4NU, W12LT6000D2EFH5U, W12LT6000D2EFL4P, W12LT6000D2EFL4, W12LT6000D2EFL4N, W12LT6000EFL4U, W12LT6000EFNU, W12LT6000EFN, W12LT6000EFP, W12LT6000D2EFP, W12LT6000D2EFL4PU, W12LT6000D2EFU, W12LT6000D2EFL4U, W12LT6000D2F, W12LT6000D2EFN, W12LT6000FH5, W12LT6000EFPU, W12LT6000FH5L4, W12LT6000EFU, W12LT6000F, W12LT6000D2FH5, W12LT6000D2FH5L4, W12LT6000EE1FG7PU, W12LT6000D2FL4, W12LT6000D2FL4P, W12LT6000D2FL4N, W12LT6000D2FL4PU, W12LT6000D2E1G7U, W12LT6000D2FH5U, W12LT6000D2G7H5U, W12LT6000EE1FP, W12LT6000FH5L4U, W12LT6000E1PU, W12LT6000EL4U, W12LT6000EE1L4PU, W12LT6000EL4PU, W12LT6000D2PU, W12LT6000D2EE1L4U, W12LT6000L4NU, W12LT6000D2EE1PU, W12LT6000E1L4PU, W12LT6000L4PU, W12LT6000D2L4NU, W12LT6000D2L4PU, W12LT6000EL4NU, W12LT6000D2E1U, W12LT6000D2EE1L4PU, W12LT6000E1L4U, W12LT6000D2E1PU, W12LT6000EE1PU, W12LT6000EE1U, W12LT6000D2E1FG7, W12LT6000L4U, W12LT6000D2E1FG7H5, W12LT6000D2EFG7U, W12LT6000D2EG7, W12LT6000D2EG7H5, W12LT6000D2EG7H5U, W12LT6000D2EG7U, W12LT6000D2FG7, W12LT6000D2EG7N, W12LT6000D2EG7P, W12LT6000G7NU, W12LT6000D2FG7NU, W12LT6000D2FG7N, W12LT6000D2FG7P, W12LT6000D2G7H5, W12LT6000D2FG7PU, W12LT6000D2FG7U, W12LT6000D2G7, W12LT6000D2G7N, W12LT6000D2G7PU, W12LT6000D2G7U, W12LT6000D2G7NU, W12LT6000E1FG7, W12LT6000D2G7P, W12LT6000E1FG7H5, W12LT6000E1FG7H5U, W12LT6000D2E1FP, W12LT6000FH5U, W12LT6000D2E1FU, W12LT6000FL4, W12LT6000FL4P, W12LT6000FL4N, W12LT6000D2FL4U, W12LT6000D2FNU, W12LT6000D2FN, W12LT6000D2FP, W12LT6000E1FH5, W12LT6000D2FPU, W12LT6000E1FH5L4, W12LT6000D2FU, W12LT6000E1F, W12LT6000E1FL4, W12LT6000E1FH5U, W12LT6000E, W12LT6000N, W12LT6000P, W12LT6000EN, W12LT6000EP, W12LT6000E1FP, W12LT6000EE1FH5, W12LT6000E1FPU, W12LT6000EE1FH5L4, W12LT6000E1FU, W12LT6000EE1F, W12LT6000EE1FH5L4U, W12LT6000EE1FL4, W12LT6000EE1FL4P, W12LT6000E1H5L4, W12LT6000D2H5L4U, W12LT6000E1H5L4U, W12LT6000D2H5U, W12LT6000E1H5, W12LT6000E1H5U, W12LT6000EE1H5U, W12LT6000EE1H5, W12LT6000EH5, W12LT6000EE1H5L4, W12LT6000EE1H5L4U, W12LT6000H5, W12LT6000EH5L4, W12LT6000H5L4, W12LT6000EH5L4U, W12LT6000H5L4U, W12LT6000EH5U, W12LT6000D2E1FH5L4, W12LT6000H5U, W12LT6000D2E1F, W12LT6000D2E1FH5, W12LT6000D2E1FL4, W12LT6000D2EE1FH5, W12LT6000D2EE1FH5L4, W12LT6000D2E1FL4U, W12LT6000D2EE1F, W12LT6000D2EE1FH5L4U, W12LT6000D2E1FH5L4U, W12LT6000D2E1FL4PU, W12LT6000D2EFH5L4U, W12LT6000D2EE1FH5U, W12LT6000D2E1FG7H5U, W12LT6000D2EE1FL4, W12LT6000D2E1FG7PU, W12LT6000D2E1G7, W12LT6000D2E1G7H5, W12LT6000E1FL4PU, W12LT6000D2EE1FG7, W12LT6000D2EE1FG7H5, W12LT6000D2EE1FG7H5U, W12LT6000D2EE1G7, W12LT6000D2EE1FG7P, W12LT6000D2EE1G7H5, W12LT6000D2EE1FG7PU, W12LT6000D2EE1FG7U, W12LT6000E1FG7PU, W12LT6000E1FG7U, W12LT6000E1FG7P, W12LT6000E1G7, W12LT6000E1G7H5, W12LT6000E1G7H5U, W12LT6000D2FG7H5, W12LT6000E1G7PU, W12LT6000E1G7U, W12LT6000E1G7P, W12LT6000EE1G7H5, W12LT6000EE1FG7, W12LT6000EE1FG7H5, W12LT6000EG7N, W12LT6000G7H5U, W12LT6000EE1G7P, W12LT6000EE1G7U, W12LT6000D2EFPU, W12LT6000D2EG7NU, W12LT6000EFH5U, W12LT6000EG7H5U, W12LT6000EE1G7, W12LT6000E1FL4P, W12LT6000E1FL4U, W12LT6000FL4NU, W12LT6000D2EFNU, W12LT6000EE1FU, W12LT6000FL4PU, W12LT6000FL4U, W12LT6000FN, W12LT6000FNU, W12LT6000FP, W12LT6000FPU, W12LT6000FU, W12LT6000EE1FG7P, W12LT6000EE1FG7U, W12LT6000EE1FH5U, W12LT6000EE1FPU, W12LT6000EE1G7H5U, W12LT6000D2E1FG7P, W12LT6000D2E1FG7U, W12LT6000D2E1FH5U, W12LT6000D2E1FL4P, W12LT6000D2E1FPU, W12LT6000EE1G7PU, W12LT6000EFG7H5U, W12LT6000EFH5L4U, W12LT6000EFL4NU, W12LT6000E1FH5L4U, W12LT6000D2E1G7H5U, W12LT6000D2E1G7PU, W12LT6000D2FG7H5U, W12LT6000D2FH5L4U, W12LT6000D2FL4NU, W12LT6000G7P, W12LT6000G7N, W12LT6000D2EE1G7H5U, W12LT6000G7PU, W12LT6000G7U, W12LT6000D2EE1G7P, W12LT6000D2EFG7H5, W12LT6000D2EE1G7PU, W12LT6000D2EE1G7U, W12LT6000D2EFG7, W12LT6000D2EFG7H5U, W12LT6000D2EFG7N, W12LT6000D2EFG7P, W12LT6000D2EG7PU, W12LT6000D2EFG7NU, W12LT6000EFG7, W12LT6000EFG7H5, W12LT6000EFG7N, W12LT6000EFG7U, W12LT6000EFG7NU, W12LT6000EG7, W12LT6000EFG7P, W12LT6000EG7H5, W12LT6000EFG7PU, W12LT6000D2E1L4, W12LT6000D2, W12LT6000D2EFG7PU, W12LT6000D2E, W12LT6000D2E1L4P, W12LT6000D2E1, W12LT6000D2EE1L4, W12LT6000D2E1P, W12LT6000D2EE1, W12LT6000D2EE1L4P, W12LT6000D2EL4N, W12LT6000D2EL4P, W12LT6000D2EE1P, W12LT6000D2EL4, W12LT6000D2L4N, W12LT6000D2EN, W12LT6000D2L4P, W12LT6000D2EP, W12LT6000D2N, W12LT6000D2L4, W12LT6000D2P, W12LT6000E1L4P, W12LT6000E1, W12LT6000E1L4, W12LT6000E1P, W12LT6000EE1L4P, 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