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Acopian Power Supply Model 105J10

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  • Power Supply Model:105J10
  • Input Voltage Range:105 to 125
  • Nominal Output Voltage:105
  • Output Current Amps:0.1
  • Case Size:AS
  Option (prefix "R") $10.00  
  Remote Sensing
Provision for remote sensing of the output voltage to compensate for drops in the load lines. Power supplies with this option have a local voltage adjustment and provision for remote (external) output adjustment.
  Option (prefix "MIL-") $15.00  
  MIL Tested and Extended Temperature Range
Ruggedized construction and capability for operation through an extended ambient temperature range of -20 to +71C (without derating).
  Option (suffix "F") $25.00  
  Moisture/Fungus Proofing
Moisture and fungus resistant varnish applied to interior surfaces. (2 days additional shipping time)
  Option (prefix "V") $35.00  
  Overvoltage Protection
Internal preset overvoltage protector.
  Option (suffix "-230") $25.00  
  230 Volt Input
All models can be alternately furnished for operation on inputs of 210 to 250 VAC, 50-400 Hz. (2 days additional shipping time)
  Option (suffix "L") $50.00  
  Solder Terminals
Solder terminals instead of the octal type plug.
  Option (prefix "E") $0.00  
  Remote Output Adjustment
Provision for remote (external) adjustment. (All models have local voltage adjustments.)
Accessory Socket $20.00
SL608 (View drawing of Accessory Socket) RETMA-numbered screw-type terminals simplify wiring and permit the use of wire terminals or bare wire, 12 to 20 gauge. Rated at 300 volts RMS, 10 Amp.    
If you have a question or problem, or would like to order by phone, please call 1-800-523-9478 (8am-5pm EST M-F)

Model numbers for this power supply with options: RE105J10, RE105J10-230, MIL-RE105J10, MIL-RE105J10-230, VRE105J10, VRE105J10-230, MIL-VRE105J10, MIL-VRE105J10-230, RE105J10F, RE105J10F-230, MIL-RE105J10F, MIL-RE105J10F-230, VRE105J10F, VRE105J10F-230, MIL-VRE105J10F, MIL-VRE105J10F-230, RE105J10L, RE105J10L-230, MIL-RE105J10L, MIL-RE105J10L-230, VRE105J10L, VRE105J10L-230, MIL-VRE105J10L, MIL-VRE105J10L-230, RE105J10FL, RE105J10FL-230, MIL-RE105J10FL, MIL-RE105J10FL-230, VRE105J10FL, VRE105J10FL-230, MIL-VRE105J10FL, MIL-VRE105J10FL-230, 105J10L, 105J10F, 105J10FL, 105J10-230, 105J10L-230, 105J10F-230, 105J10FL-230, R105J10, E105J10, R105J10L, E105J10L, R105J10F, E105J10F, R105J10FL, E105J10FL, R105J10-230, E105J10-230, R105J10L-230, E105J10L-230, R105J10F-230, E105J10F-230, R105J10FL-230, E105J10FL-230, V105J10, V105J10L, V105J10F, V105J10FL, V105J10-230, V105J10L-230, V105J10F-230, V105J10FL-230, VR105J10, VE105J10, VR105J10L, VE105J10L, VR105J10F, VE105J10F, VR105J10FL, VE105J10FL, VR105J10-230, VE105J10-230, VR105J10L-230, VE105J10L-230, VR105J10F-230, VE105J10F-230, VR105J10FL-230, VE105J10FL-230, MIL-105J10, MIL-105J10L, MIL-105J10F, MIL-105J10FL, MIL-105J10-230, MIL-105J10L-230, MIL-105J10F-230, MIL-105J10FL-230, MIL-R105J10, MIL-E105J10, MIL-R105J10L, MIL-E105J10L, MIL-R105J10F, MIL-E105J10F, MIL-R105J10FL, MIL-E105J10FL, MIL-R105J10-230, MIL-E105J10-230, MIL-R105J10L-230, MIL-E105J10L-230, MIL-R105J10F-230, MIL-E105J10F-230, MIL-R105J10FL-230, MIL-E105J10FL-230, MIL-V105J10, MIL-V105J10L, MIL-V105J10F, MIL-V105J10FL, MIL-V105J10-230, MIL-V105J10L-230, MIL-V105J10F-230, MIL-V105J10FL-230, MIL-VR105J10, MIL-VE105J10, MIL-VR105J10L, MIL-VE105J10L, MIL-VR105J10F, MIL-VE105J10F, MIL-VR105J10FL, MIL-VE105J10FL, MIL-VR105J10-230, MIL-VE105J10-230, MIL-VR105J10L-230, MIL-VE105J10L-230, MIL-VR105J10F-230, MIL-VE105J10F-230, MIL-VR105J10FL-230, MIL-VE105J10FL-230