DC-DC Converters (3-Day Power Supply)
Regulated Power Supplies

Mini Encapsulated - PC Board Mounting
single output & dual tracking outputs
(5Vdc in to 48Vdc in)

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Dual Output Models
5 to 48 Vdc in


These versatile DC-DC Converters are ideally suited for powering a wide variety of analog and digital circuitry, such as op amps, logic and microprocessors. They may be mounted directly on a printed circuit board for OEM applications, or installed in a socket for developmental and small quantity requirements.

Efficiency is in the order of 65%, and is maintained down to low levels of output current. Input reflected ripple is reduced to less than 1% by means of a standard built-in pi filter, and electrostatic shielding on all six sides minimizes radiated energy. High input/output isolation permits separation of the output from the dc input bus to minimize circuit interaction due to ground loops, and the use of inputs in either polarity.