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Acopian Power Supply White Paper Downloads

Delve into the world of power supplies with Acopian's comprehensive collection of white papers. From understanding the nuances of programmable power supplies to selecting the best power supply for specific applications, these documents are designed to enlighten and guide novices, experts and every level in between.

Discover the challenges engineers face in power supply design and learn how Acopian's redundant power supplies ensure uninterrupted DC power. With over half a century of experience in crafting rugged and reliable power supplies, Acopian is your trusted source for power supply knowledge.

Introduction to Programmable Power Supplies

Programmable power supplies, known for their remote operation capabilities via analog or digital interfaces, are predominantly used in Automatic Test Equipment (ATE)...

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Learn How to Select the Best Power Supply for Your Application

Power supplies are essential for the efficient operation of electronic devices, especially in industries like defense, where they must adhere to strict Military Specifications (MIL-SPEC)

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Keep Machines Up When Power Goes Down with Redundant Power Systems

Ensuring consistent power in mission-critical operations is vital. Acopian's redundant power supplies are crafted to provide uninterrupted DC power, even amidst unforeseen...

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Five Challenges Engineers Face in Power Supply Design

Professionals face many challenges when choosing the perfect power supply in electronic system design. These challenges range from product development timelines and...

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