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High Current Power Supplies

As the name implies, high current power supplies can deliver large amounts of current to a load. High current power supplies can be of two basic types: high current linear power supplies, and high current switch mode power supplies.

High current linear power supplies consist of an input transformer, full wave rectifier bridge, and dissipative regulator circuit. They have very low ripple, very good regulation, and no switching frequency that can cause unwanted EMI. High current linear power supplies are larger and heavier than switching power supplies and are less efficient.

High current switch mode power supplies, sometimes referred to as SMPS power supplies, switchers, or switched mode power supplies, regulate the output voltage using a complex high frequency switching technique that employs pulse width modulation and feedback. Acopian switching regulated power supplies also employ extensive EMI filtering and shielding to attenuate both common and differential mode noise conducted to the line and load. Galvanic isolation is standard in our switchers, affording our users input to output and output to ground isolation for maximum versatility. Acopian high current switching regulated power supplies are highly efficient, small and lightweight, and are available in both AC-DC single and wide-adjust output and DC-DC configurations.

1U High Current Switching Regulated Power Supplies
Low Profile High Current Switching Regulated Power Supplies
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