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Power Transformer

Power TransformerA power transformer is the component in a power supply that ‘transforms’ or converts the input utility voltage to the voltage required (which can be either higher or lower than the wall outlet voltage). The output voltage it provides is isolated from the input; there is no connection between them.

The power transformer consists of an iron core and two or more wire windings wrapped around it. The voltage is transformed in direct proportion to the number of turns of the windings. For example, if the output (secondary) winding has half as many turns as the input (primary) winding, it will produce half the voltage.

The power transformer also converts the current (amperage) in inverse proportion to the number of turns. In the above example, the current in the output winding would be twice the current in the input winding.

Acopian winds all of its power transformers on machines that were custom designed by Sarkis Acopian, the founder of the company, to be capable of quickly and efficiently producing any quantity of the large variety of transformers used in Acopian’s broad product line.