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Power SystemPower System

An electronic power system consists of an assembly containing one or
(usually) more power supplies together with the wiring, operating features and accessories to integrate them. A power system may be designed to mount in a cabinet rack or on a vertical panel or wall, it may be housed in an enclosure for use on a benchtop, or it may be a subassembly within a larger system. Power system operating features may include an input switch(es), meters (either analog or digital, and often with a switch to select the output to be checked), status indicator lights (Output Present, Output Not Present), front panel output adjustments, failure alarm circuits or audible alarms, fuses or circuit breakers, output sequencing at turn-on or turn-off, and hardware such as handles, chassis slides, inline connectors in the wiring to each power supply (to enable rapid installation and removal) and captive mounting screws. Or the power system may be a simple as having one just output in a simple rack, wall mount or banchtop type enclosure.

For applications where extremely high reliability is necessary, the power system can be made to include two power supplies for each output, with their outputs paralleled through isolation diodes at act as a Redundant Power System. The power system will then continue to provide uninterrupted outputs even if a power supply fails. The diodes will decouple a failed power supply that has a shorted output. (Also see Redundant Power Supply.)

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